CrazyCow In Print is produced by the potent partnership that defines Dean and Dianna Malcolm. Both are from profile Holstein families. Dianna trained in metropolitan sports journalism and television, before returning to her roots where she found her niche telling stories from a fresh and relevant perspective. Dean was Australasia’s best cattle fitter – with strong international networks garnered from working with some of the world’s best cattlemen. Dean later also turned his attention to cattle photography, and is a talented graphic designer. Together, they established Bluechip Genetics in 2006, focusing on registered Holsteins. Within just 10 years they had kicked every goal they could find in the industry.

The Bluechip prefix has been on several record-breaking prices for animals sold at auction – peaking at $101,000. To 2016, it won Premier Breeder and Premier Holstein Exhibitor in six of the past seven years at Australasia’s biggest show: International Dairy Week. Bluechip won 32 Champions – in just three years – at the second biggest-Holstein show in Australasia: the Victorian Winter Fair. At the 2016 All-Australian photographic awards – Bluechip’s final outing before its dispersal – it owned or co-owned 19 finalists, and won six of the seven classes it had finalists in, including 12 top-three finishes. Bluechip’s All-Australian results are unprecedented. Its power-packed dispersal (together with its partners) was held in what was described as the most challenging times the industry had faced in close to 50 years. Yet, Bluechip achieved an Australasian one-day record gross for a single vendor, with a record average of $6500 for a dispersal. The Big Bang at Bluechip proved there is value in building a brand.

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Dean and Dianna have now turned their attention back to CrazyCow In Print, photography and seamless marketing packages to help others achieve what they want from their own businesses.

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